Games & Hypnosis



I make games, with Unity and Blender.


You can find some of my games, in the different sections.

Also you can see some 3D / Virtual reality things(Only for Android).




The 3rd Invasion er blevet frigivet på Steam.1/3-19



5/2-19: Del 3 til Himlen Falder PDF, som undervisning materiale.

Hvis du vil lærer de første trin med Unity, så kig i Undervisning.




A little game I have made with the kids I teach Unity.


Race cup_EDEE


Without Sounds...

My Newest Steam Game:


2nd Circle - Powerful Places


Game About becoming a Sorcerer

The 1st Core

The Core cleans the streets.

The page about the game.

Death By EDEE

A game made with the kids in Hvidovre.


My Ludum Dare 40 Project.