What is a Ghost Writer.?

I am just a craftsman.
You need your garden serviced You call a gardener.
You need a book written You call a Ghost Writer.

You want your garden bush to look like an alien or a dinosaur.

You need to find the right gardener.

You need a giant red-skinned dinosaur fighting a blue-armoured squid alien on a smoked-filled mountain of lava...
You hire me. ;-)


General Ghost writer pattern:
(0. Read through my books I have on my homepage,

to find if you like my writing style.)

1. You tell me your idea.
2. I ask a lot of questions.....
3. We talk about your idea and if it sounds story worthy.

4. We make a simple contract and sign it.
5. You pay me the first installment.
6. I write the first 10 chapters over two weeks.

7. You get those 10 chapters

and spend a week reading and correcting them.
8. If you like them enough, you pay me the second installment.
9. I use 5-6 weeks to write the rest of the books.

10. You get the first draft and read it through.
11. If you have feedback, I change that and send it back to you.
12. When you accept the second draft, you pay the third installment.

13. You pay a proofreader or editor to read

and correct typos and mistakes in the book.
(13A. You need to pay a cover designer for the cover,

and an illustrator if you want pictures inside the book.)
14. You push the book to a publisher.

When they accept the book, you pay the rest.

15. You get your book published and can call yourself an author.

Ps. I have +6 months of work ahead of me.

But money talks, or if your idea is .... Excellent.

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I am a little backup right now, and only have time around April 2023... But you can always ask.