Red Dwarf Vs Blue Giant - Crystal Planet

1: Starting Points

I only feared death.
And that was what drove me all my life.

I've been alive for many hundreds of years, only to notice that my mind was fading.

Small things that I missed.
Names of people I had known for many years. Memories and data I've had for hundreds of years...

I had spent much of my wealth on creating a way to keep myself alive.
Anything could be replaced... Bone were replaced with steel or aluminium. Muscles could be replaced with electronic or mechanical help. Tendons with thin, strong cables. Feet with wheels.
Anything but the brain.

The last breakthrough was that the brain could be replaced with a crystal, if it were large enough.

The therapist said that my fear came from my mother's death.

The week when the city were in a blackout, and her breathing machine stopped working.

We were just her and me in the big house, in the big room, where she slept, because the servants couldn't get here because the power was out.
The phones were also out, so I couldn't call for help.
I spent the first day trying to keep her heart pumping, with a manual pump, but I was getting tired, and nobody came to help us.

I started to fall asleep, only to wake up with the sound of my mother failing to breath...
As she fought to stay alive, because I failed.

Forcing myself to keep pumping all through the night, hoping for the power to come back on, or for somebody to come and help me...

I was crying and peeing my pants because I couldn't leave her side...

I was praying to any god I had ever heard about to help her.

I spent the next few days sitting by her bed, crying because I was too weak to keep pumping the pump.
Then I stood up and decided never to die.
A small, old, rundown white and brown cottage in the woods was made of clay and straw, but inside was the power that guides the world.

The chickens in the backyard were picking seeds from the ground, and clucking at each other, complete in their knowledge that they were in control of their own fate.

Outside the small white and black cottage, the lady stopped for a second before entering through the gate that stood open. The cottage was one level, with a small space in the raised hay, covered roof.

She used the iron-wood wizard staff, with its small crystal on top, knocked on the door of the house. She entered without waiting too long, because she knew the house is empty except for the old woman. She took off the dark-blue hat that matches her dark-blue robe because the roof was low. She walked through the small living room and made her way into the bedroom.

The old woman lay beneath the bed-coverings, in the stuffed room, and tried to force each breath into her lungs. Two wood dresser was placed in the room, and a single chair for visitors.
The two women greeted each other.
The lady sat down on the only chair in the little bedroom, and placed her staff up against the wall of the little room. The old lady looked over the bed covers and asks: "So he is a failure.?"

The younger lady smiled at the old lady and slowly shook her head. The old lady had a way of getting to the truth fast. The lady shook her head once more: "No. He is bright and a fast learner. But the darkness in him..."

The old woman coughed a little while she turned her head away, ashamed of the sickness: "You said you could train and guide him.?"

The lady nodded her head and grind her hands for a second before she said: "Yes. And I have done that for the nearly four years."

The old woman frowned at the young lady: "But no longer.?"

The lady looked down on the dirty floor of the house: "He is not a mage. He learns too fast and picks up advanced stuff too quickly. "

The lady took her staff in her hand and rotates it. She had a habit of doing that when she were nervous:
"When he learns a new spell... The best students learns new spells in three or four weeks. He learns it in three or four hours."

She shook her head: "We had a wizard hour. That is one hour a week where the students can ask about anything. Normal, it's just a senior mage that holds this class. After a month, we had to get the wizards to hold the wizard hour."

She smiled: "He would ask too advanced questions of the other students, and after three months, we would hold an hour with him alone."

The old lady smiled at the lady: "So he is smart, and a quick learner.?"

"No," the lady said as she stood up. "He is something else. If he was just a mage, he would be running the college in a year, but he is something else."

The old lady frowned over the blanket: "Not human.?"

The lady sat down and let the staff rest on the wall: "Yes. To the human part. I have tested that, what I fear is he might be a sorcerer."

The old lady chuckled as she tried to sit up: "But how can that be.?"
The lady leaned forward: "What did you know about his father.?"

The old lady shook her head, because the memory were too painful: "He raped me, at the command of the warlord."

The lady nodded her head, because she had been told this by the young man: "But where did he come from, this soldier.?"

The old lady smiled with a rough smile: "I see glimpses of the future, not the past."

The lady nodded a couple of quick times, and starts to frown: "Yes. It would just help."

The old woman laid back down, saying: "Sorcerers are not new to this world."

"No," the lady said, after taking a deep breath: "I know the legend. Sorcerers come when they are needed."

She stood up: "You have to call him home."

The old woman coughed, and took a piece of clothing to her mouth. When she took the clothes away, there was blood on the clothes.
The old woman fought back the cough: "I know. I have already sent for him. I need him to deliver messages for me."

The lady smiled: "The darkness is still within him. I read legends better than most... He might not be what the good side needs."

The old woman nodded: "I have seen the way, where he can become a force for good. But the price is tall."

The lady nodded her head a couple of times and said, "The price is always heavy, when it is somebody we love."

Space were mostly empty.
Space were mostly calm, with planets and stars that revolved around each other, star system, rotated around other systems in large galaxies.
You could watched the stars for a thousand years and see nothing new. The change was so small that nobody will see it, but the change had already happened, a million years ago in another system.

Twin stars danced around each other, in a distanced galaxy.
A red dwarf and a blue giant.

Every time the stars rotated around each other, the planets orbiting these twins undergo changes. The smallest of the inner planets is no exception. For some reason, the planet should have hit one of the stars in its ever lower orbit around the twins, but it never happened. The planet had been crushed by gravity over and over again. To the point were the planet was no longer rock, water, or anything soft....

The planet was nearly all made from crystal, because crystal were the only thing that could survive the perilous journey into the gravity wells of the two twin massive stars.

This system was stable. Sort of.
But another system many light years away had another giant blue star, and that star was about to go Supernova. This had already started way before any human was present in the universe ....

Blue Giants burned faster, but also had shorter lifespans. The blue giant slowly, over a hundred years, started to collapse. This blue star was just a fraction of the mass needed to become a black hole. The collapse had just run its course, the star was going Supernova, and a shock wave went out in all directions from the dying star. This star was no more, but the effect will last for a long time.

The Crystal planet was on the far-side of the twin stars when the shock wave hit. The planet was on its outbound parabolic journey, when the twin stars hit. The shock wave moved the two twin stars closer together, and they started a faster fusion.

But for a single tick, a single second, on the universal time scale... The crystal planet was free from the gravity pull of the twin stars as the planet started its outbound journey.

This system was placed on an arm in a spiral galaxy, and the crystal planet was flung out from the system and out from the galaxy.

For most rogue planets, this story would have end here, because space were large and mostly made up of empty, cold nothingness.

But we wanted an exciting story.

An adventure with Heroes and Villains.

Can You figure out which is which.?