JoS 1 - Prey/Predator

2: Hunter Gen

The War is Over.
We no longer need Your skill.

I am a Hunter.
Bread for War.
Trained to be the Best.

And then I became unemployed.

The war is over, and You never hear about it, because this was a shadow war.

Originally the Hunters was made, for targeting high level VIPs on the other side.

I turned to police work, because it was closest to my training.

Somebody did a crime, I would hunt them down and kill them.

My prey was never to be left alive, once I target them.

That is okay, when I worked Vice.

The Mayor stood, in front of the cameras and in the light.
He said, that His police force was removing Drugs and drug pushers from the street.
While I got my hands dirty.

I had a friend, before I started training.
We worked in a store together.

He joined the army, and was on missions to foreign countries.

We meet and shared a pizza together, while talking about Our new jobs.
Me as a cop, him as a soldier.

He would talk at length about his kill.
His one kill.

I was a cop, and had a kill count of thirty.
I never told him.
He seemed so happy, to have killed once.

After a year I had, had enough of being a cop.
To much paper work, and to many kills.

If You kill three pushers, and then a week after come back, and have to kill three more....

There is not much challenge in killing pushers.
They normally stand still, and at the same place and time every day.

Why did I became a Hunter.?

I was drafted, and there You get your blood tested.
I have the Hunter Gen.

I could become a grunt or a Hunter.
It seemed like an easy choice.

A footsoldier does eight months of soldiering.
I will never stop Hunting.
Beware of easy choices.

The training was hard, and fun, and challenging.
Learn to hack, Learn to track, learn to fight with swords and shot guns.

Getting dropped off, in the middle of Greenland.
Told to survive with a simple pocket knife, and kill someone south of here, in three weeks.

I planted my pocket knife in the target, three seconds before the clock ran out.

We were five that made it through the training.

What was our job.?

You know, when a rogue state does something bad, and the politicians can't do anything.?

They send in one of us.

Ransomware attack from North Korean.?
Target Killed.

Exposing government secrets for money.
Target Killed.

Kidnapping a VIP, or their family.
Target Killed.

The family was found by the local cop.
(Anonymous tip, about a terrorist cell.)

Suspected terrorist cell.?
Targets killed.

'Local Sheriff kill three terrorist in Gun fight.'
I was helping with a silenced sniper rifle, but that is not for the public to know.

But then a politician start thinking, and that is really dangerous.

What if the Hunters find out, what the politicians have been doing.?

So they stopped the program, and ended the war.

The five of us, got fired.

I still see one of them, when I visit her in prison.
The other three are dead.

I got my killing done, on the Cop job.
They did it, as mercenaries or contract killers.

I am the one, who is still alive and free, so maybe I was just lucky.

The first six months after I was fired, the state did come for me.

Sent amateurs to kill a Hunter.
Sent kids to kill a Lion.
The Lion always wins.

Finally I had a talk with my state's minister.

One of those..
Three in the morning...
With my sword at his throat.
In his private bedroom.
At his secure home.
With his armed bodyguards walking outside.
Kind of talks.

PX-109 and me, have our little meetings once a month.

She is trying to make the prisoners behave, and not make noise at night.
She has not killed the last month, so something is working...

Me. PX-108, or just call me JoS, I am becoming a private Eye.

She laughs: “You, the best hunter, becoming a private Eye.”

I say: “Yes. I get to hunt, and track, and help people.”

She says: “I am with You on the first to, but helping people.
You know my past, and what happened, before I became a hunter.”

I correct her: “Huntress.”
I blink my left eye at her.
And she hit the Plexiglass wall between us.

The plexiglass don't break, so she has learned some restrain.

She says: “If You are a PE, then I have a case for You.?”

I say: “For You my dear, anything.”
I smile at her.

She become dark and says:
“Hunt Him and Kill Him.”

Her brown eyes look into my Eyes.

I know who she means.
The darkness from her past.

The reason why she became a huntress.

I made a choice, she was not so lucky.

I say: “Just one question.?
Why did You never hunted Him, Yourself.?”

She says: “I only fear two persons.
And I am talking with the other right now.”