Al Tefaris 3 - Christmas Under Siege

1: 3 AM Eternal

The Moon is full, and just over the horizon.
It is shining down over the dark rooftop.
The weak wind is cold, and the temperature is dropping.
The air smells of tomato sauce being cooked.

The small table has a gold-black box on it.
Some simple piece of paper laying next to it.
And a slim hand is Writing with an old-style fountain pen on the paper.

A strong female voice with some mockery in it:
'Al Tefaris's mother is dead,
and he has forgotten all about magic.'

I can see a dark figure standing at the table.
The Full Moon is behind the figure, and I can't make out anything about that person.

I try to speak:
“But my mum is not dead, and I know spells.”

The female voice sounds happy:
'It is written that Your mother is dead,
and you have forgotten about magic.
So it must be true.'
I try to cast any spell,
but nothing comes to mind.

I try to conjure the 'Unseen Servant',
from my magic ring.

But the ring is just a copper ring, with a small green gem.
And no spell comes to mind....

Does this also mean, my mum is dead.?


Somewhere something starts to ring.
I turn over in my bed.

I am in my bedroom, and the clock says three in the morning.
I was dreaming, but then my phone started to ring.

I pick up the phone.
The number is hidden, which means it is not one of my friends...

I pick it up:

A young female voice:
“Is this Al Tefaris.?”

The voice sounds like she is crying or sobbing.

I sit up in my bed: “Yes.”

The voice says: “Hey. It is Iris.”

I don't remember any Iris, just on the front of my memory.

The room is dark, except for my bedroom clock.
The red light on the clock says three at night.
The window's star-wars curtains shows a little light from the outside.
The Moon is nearly full and shines on one curtain.
The other window is towards the empty street, and the street lamp's yellow light.

The view outside is the city of KerkenRingen.
West midland, England, close to the Atlantic sea.
A mountain to the North, and forest all around.

Except for the critter attack last Christmas, the city is a relaxing place.
The underground is another story, but that is for later...
I ask: “Who.?”

I can hear her move:
“Iris. We went to school together.
You dated my friend Hope.?”

Now my brain begins to work, and I start to remember.

We called them, the three witches.
They wanted to learn magic, and Izabella's mother introduced them to Rune magic.

Hope was obese, and wanted to lose weight.
She got a tattoo that made her lose weight, and it nearly cost Hope her life.

The last I remembered about those, was that Iris got a new tattoo.
Iris wanted to become famous, like many other girls her age.
She got a tattoo that should make others love her.

It has been nearly three months since.
The city of KerkenRingen, was attacked by small animals.

For a day or two, the city was the top story in the global news circle.

Iris had gotten her fifteen minutes of fame, and she even got a model contract.

“Oh. Iris... How is the modelling career going.?”

I hear sobs on the other end.
She says: “I hate it...”

I know enough about talking with girls, that sometime they just want to tell their story:
“Tell me about it.”

She starts to describe being famous, and being loved by people...
Having her first model shot, and doing a runway walk in nice clothes.
Everybody was looking at her.

“For a few weeks it was a dream.
Being flown to a bounty beach.
Doing swimsuit shot, and partying all night with famous people....

But the price was no sleep, and being drunk all the time.
Somebody tried to get me to take coke.
Another tried to drug me, and kidnap me.”

I chuckle a little: “So being famous is not all that it is made up to be.?”

She start to cry again:
“I want to remove the tattoo.
Can You help me with the dragon.?”

I nod, but nobody sees it:
“Yes. But she doesn't like to move away from her babies.
Can You get to KerkenRingen.?”

She goes quiet for a moment:
“Next month, I am going to shoot a commercial for outdoor wear.
Maybe I can get them to do it in my home town.?”

I say: “Yes. Send me a text, and we will go visit Hokima, and Brodruiz.
And You can even see the small baby dragons.”

We chat a little, and she asks me, what time it is...

She is in New York, for the fashion week.
For her, it is ten in the evening.

We hang up, and I try to go back to sleep.

Iris Sutton, the model of the year.

After surviving an attack from wild animals, and becoming famous....
She was the talk of the fashion world.

She was in a movie, where she played alongside famous actors.
She was the runner up to a supporting actress Oscar in that movie.
Somebody else in that movie, got an Oscar..

She has been everywhere, and now she is coming home.

Home to the small quiet town of KerkenRingen.

She had been everywhere, and done everything.. And she is only fourteen.

I am not a fashion follower, but I do search the web for news of her in the next couple of days.

I found an Article, two days later.
I have talked about it with Erich and Izabella.

They had a break up, and didn't speak with each other for a week.

Now we are back to “normal”.
Just a wizard, a dark-Elf, and their Alchemist Fighter leader...

Erich has been out with Izabella, visiting Hokima, and petting the baby dragons.

Hokima is okay with us visiting, but not happy with Brodruiz leaving the lair.

Erich and him talked about it.

Hokima wants Erich to guard the Babies, and then he is okay with me walking Brodruiz.

Erich tells me: “It is like arguing with a rock...
No amount of shouting will move it.”

The evil cooperation has not shown itself in the last couple of months.
They got the powerful artefact, and that was the last we heard of them.

If You don't count the Black cars...
And the Men in black.

Now we just need to wait.
I failed that math final.
And have to take summer school.

We had to have the math final, early this year because the math teacher is sick.
So he wanted to get the finals over, before he was going to the hospital.

All the parents agreed, and nobody asked the children.

I tried to help Erich to find a cure for cancer, but Erich couldn't find any cure.

Erich has been learning Alchemy, on an advanced level, after he got the Goblin's box, with hand-written magazines.

Fay, Izabella's mother, has read the magazines, and chosen potions that are within Erich's skill level.

The reason why they went and visited Hokima, was that some of the ingredients that are need, are from dragons.

We only know one dragon...
And that Dragon, or Wyvern, loves Erich...
So it is easy to get it to help him.

Izabella laughed a lot, when Erich had to explain it to her...

One of the most potent ingredients in Alchemy, is the milk from a lactating dragon.

I just tried not to picture Erich milking Brodruiz.

The potion he is trying to make.?
The divine insight.

According to the hand-written notes, it should make You able to solve problems, like a god.

I could have used it, when doing that math final... after Summer School.

I am at school, doing an extra math class.
I am trying to learn the maths that I failed at, when I get a text, from a blocked number.
“I am home, around the fifth. Iris.”

After the extra class is over, I text Erich, and we make our plans.

The fifth is the next Friday, so we will kidnap her, take her to Hokima's lair Saturday night.

Just another Weekend doing magic, and saving the world.