Al Tefaris 2 - Summer of Love

1: Glamour Spell

Most nights in the city of KerkenRingen are quiet.
Few people are driving around.
The police car is driven around, but nearly never finds anything to do at night.

The moon is hiding behind clouds.
It is white-grey light sometimes hiding behind the scattered clouds.
The streetlights shine yellow, and only help to obscure the magic.

The sound of a car is driving down another street.
The engine rises and falls with the street’s inclined.
A bird singing a late night song, while the obese person is walking down the street.

This night is calm and warm.
The wind is nearly still, and the street beneath his feet is cold.
His hair is touched by the gentle wind.

The sky is clear, and You can see the stars doing their dance.
But if You look up to the stars, You will miss the magic that happens closer to the ground.

Back to the story.
So what is a Glamour spell.?

Glamour spell is a defence spell.
It makes the mind see what it wants to see.
What is the most logical thing to see.?

You walked by an old man, in old clothes and with a distracted look on his face.
He might just be a wizard that forgot to change into civilian clothing and used a spell to hide it.

Me, I just look like a thirteen year old kid, because I am a thirteen year old kid.

The big, smelly guy with no hair, who looks like he has not bathed this year.
With dirty smelly clothes.?

Well, It might just be the glamour spell that makes people look away from him.

If (None-magic) Teen girls knew of this spell, they would love to use it.
Because You can use it to attract or dispel attention.

The Troll standing and knocking at my second story windows...
He uses it to dispel attention.

If You walked past him, he looks like a tall, obese man, that has never had a girl friend.

Me, I see Hokima, the Troll.
Well after ten seconds, I see him.

The time is three AM in the morning.
And my brain is still trying to remember that dream I just woke from.

Something is banging at my window.
My second story window.

I fall out of my bed, and draw my dagger.
My mum comes into the room, with a short sword.

She turns on the light and ask:
“Why is a troll knocking at your window, in the middle of the night.?”

I get up, from my crouch, and look at the troll.
I ask: “Hokima.?”

He says: “Human, Help.!”
I open the window, and says:
“I will be out in a second.”

Mum asks: “You know this guy.?”

I nod, while trying to get pants and shoes on: “Marry, send us to help him.
He must have tracked me down.?”

Mum turns around in the door:
“Just take him walking, and try not to ruin the front of the house.”

I get dressed, and walk down to the door on the ground floor.

I have the dagger in my hand, but put it into the back holster in my jeans.
Mum would spank me, if I left the house without a weapon.

The troll can regenerate, and the dagger would only annoy him.
Even the Enchantment would not matter that much, to a troll of his size.

I exit the house, and meet Hokima.
He is in our backyard, and sits on the uncut lawn.

The air is calm, and balmy with the midsomers warmth.
The world is quiet if You ignore the troll.

I walked up to him: “Hello, Hokima.”

I am nearly face to chest with him.
I remember him differently, the last time we met, but then life and stuff got in to way.

He looks at me: “Human Help.?”

I nod: “What can I help with.?”

He thinks for a few seconds:
“Girlfriend gone.”

I think: “Gone like dead, or just no longer your girlfriend.”

He thinks for a few seconds:
“Girlfriend not home.”

I smile:
“She might just be out meeting other Trolls.?”

He shakes his whole body:
“No. Not home for two full moons.”

I remember that tonight it is half moon, and other creatures don't have calendars.
The Moon is not visible, and only a little light from the street lamps reach back here.

I can see his heat signature, because I am within ten metres of him.
A left over from my Elvish Ancestors.
A troll has night vision better than most seal teams.
According to mum.

I nod: “So she had been missing for fifty days.?”

Hokima count on his eight fingers:
“More than two full moons.”

Mum has also gotten dressed, and walks out into the back yard.
Hokima looks at her sword, and starts to get up.

I stop mum: “Hokima. This is my mother.”

Hokima points: “Glowing sword.”

I look at mum:
“Mum. Better keep your distance.”

She stands back: “I will stay back, if You tell me what is going on.?”

I turn to Hokima: “Hokima's girlfriend is missing for two full moons.”

She smiles: “Has been missing.?”

I nod: “Sorry. I get troll speech on my mind.”

She nods: “Trolls don't go missing for two months. They stay close to their lair or cave.”

Mum puts her sword on a chair behind the house.
She walks to Hokima, while showing her empty hands: “What is Your girlfriend's name.?”

He shakes his head: “Jozala.”

Mum nods slowly: “It is summer break.
You might as well take this quest.
You never know where it leads.”

I said to Hokima: “I will help.
Wait here, and I will get my stuff.”

As we walk into the house I ask mum:
“Why does it always have to be at night, stuff happens.?”
Mum smiles: “Trolls can walk in the Sun, but they prefer travelling in the cold of the night.”

As she goes into her room:
“Maybe also text the others.?”

I walk into my room, and find my equipment, and my phone.

I text both Izabella and Erich.
‘Hokima needs help to find his Girlfriend.
I am helping him. Text If you can help.’

I exit the house, with my backpack, and meet up with Hokima.

He stands up: “Girlfriend was mad at me.
And I gave her flowers. But the flower died.”

We start walking toward his home.
His home or lair is under a bridge, on the other side of the small mountain range.
It is an hour walk, more or less.

Hokima walks slowly, but his steps are like three times longer than mine.
I got two texts from Erich.
He is up for helping: 'Where to meet.?'

I ask Hokima: “Where are we going.?”
Hokima points to his lair:
“Get Brodruiz, to find the smell of a girlfriend.”

I nod: “And how is Brodruiz.?”

Hokima smiles:
“Pet Wyvern. He loves girlfriend.”

I ask him slowly: “So we go home to You, and get your pet Wyvern.?”

Hokima stops and thinks the sentence through.

Then he nods:
“Yes. First home, and get Brodruiz.”

I text Erich: ‘We meet at Hokima.’

A minute later Erich wrote: ‘Meet You there.’

We walk over the mountain pass, and down the other side of the mountain.

The Moon is still hiding, and the stars are blink in their own life.
Some of them might be dead, before we reach the troll’s lair.
Some might have been born.

The world is quiet.
Not dangerous quiet, but more like asleep quiet.
And I have a Troll, and I am not afraid to use him.

We are walking across the bridge, when Erich shouts from the other side of the road.

He is on a green, military bike, with a camouflage coloured box in front of it.

We meet up on the other side of the bridge.
Just on top of Hokima's cave.

Hokima nods: “Small human. You hide behind metal. I found other human instead.”

Erich smiles:
“Yes. My home is behind a metal fence.”

I am a little perplexed:
“Hokima. You wanted Erich and not me.?”

Hokima has to stand and think for some seconds.
Then he says to Erich: “Girlfriend is missing.”

Erich looks at me, and I explain:
“She has been missing for the last two months.”

Hokima starts to walk down the path to his cave.

I follow him:
“We get his pet Wyvern to track her with.”

Erich park his bike and follows:
“He found You.?”

We walk after him, down to the cave.
The Sun is just about to come over the edge of the world, and the day is about to start.
The mountain peak to the East has some sunlight on the snowy top.

I smile at Erich: “Yes. It is fun to be a wizard.
When Trolls knock on your window, in the middle of the night.”

Erich smiles: “Just our luck,that this it is summer, and not a school night.”

I nod: “Do You know about Izy.?
She never answered.?”

Erich turns his head away:
“Her mum won't let her have her phone in the bedroom at night.”

I nod: “My mum has the same.
Hey, How do You know that, and not me.?”

We are at the wall, where Hokima lives.
There are some bottles, and a small burnout fire in front of the door.

Hokima walks into the door, and he's size goes down, to the size I remember him being.

We walk into his cavern, and Erich has the light on his cellphone, to guide us.

Hokima looks at the phone, with the light, but after a second, decides it is nothing dangerous.

We walk down to the pet pen / hall.
We can hear Brodruiz, moving around in the darkness.

We come out of the door into his room.
The ten metre long wyvern is happy to see us.

Hokima makes Brodruiz breathe fire, away from us.

Erich chuckles: “We need fire protection, when we walk this beast.”

Hokima finds the collar for Brodruiz.

Brodruiz walks up to Erich and tries to cuddle with him.
Erich tries to scratch the wyvern behind the ears.

The wyvern likes it, and tries to roll on it back, and show his belly.
I also tried to scratch it a little.

Hokima says: “You find girlfriend.
Sun is too hot for me.”

Erich is scratching the Wyverns belly:
“So we have to walk a pet Wyvern in the full light of the day.?”

Hokima stand for a few seconds:
“Humans think it is a big dog.. Glamour spell.”

I nod: “Marry told me about that. “

I asked how people ignore the magic world around them.
She said: “‘Sometimes it is easier to ignore the weird stuff.
A ‘Glamour’ spell helps people to see the illusion.”

Erich smiles: “I am just happy if they see a big dog and not a tame alligator on a leash.”

Erich takes the leash and guides the Wyvern outside.