J.C. SpringBourne, The Prolific Author/Hypnotist.

I live just outside Copehnhagen, Denmark, Earth.

I love Sci-fi and Magic, and was a Dungeon Master.

My hobbies include Hypnosis, Tai Chi and game development, with some games on steam.

Quote: "Writing is like walking a pet. You never know if the pet is a mischievously dragon, a good dog, or and an angry orc, about to eat you."

I have some of my cover on RedBubble, so you can buy the cover on t-shirts or coffee mugs. Link

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Valhalla Front1
Al_TefarisMJ 1_5 Cover7
AlTefaris2 MJ 1_5 c2 txt
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Al_Tefaris 5 C txt
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