3rd Invasion


If You ask the Right Question, You get the right Answer.


The 3rd Invasion - Zombies Vs. Steel


Real Time Strategy game, with a Touch of RISK.


10/1-19 Got some sound working.

13/1-19 Now all the Steel side Units are working.

24/1-19 Added multi Stages, now you can play all the stages, but only against Zombies.

25/1-19 Added Save/Load game, And now you get money in the active battle, from your won area.

26/1-19 Added the 2nd Enemies. "The Plant". And the sound works.

30/1-19 Aliens are working, and will kick your ass, if you make a mistake.

10/2-19 LeaderBoards and Steam Achievement are working.

15/2-19 Updated the Towers and Added Walls, to your Base.

20/2-19 Added that the player can make Groups, and re-active a group.

23/2-19 Replayed Zombie part, and updatede the Zombie Difficult.

24/2-19 Updated the Plants Respawn, and made damage from fire higher.

Presse meddelse på Dansk: Februar2019

Press Release in English: February2019